Spring Cleaning Party: Final Wrap-Up

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source: karenwithak

source: karenwithak

During the last two weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of decluttering as part of your spring cleaning. Having an uncluttered and simple home makes cleaning easier, gives you less to think about and sort through on a daily basis and can even change the atmosphere of your home.

It’s okay if you didn’t make it through all ten days during the party. Don’t lose you momentum now, but keep pushing forward. I promise the benefits will be worth the hard work you put in!

If you haven’t yet started your spring cleaning and are intrigued by the idea of focusing on one room each day for ten days, I highly recommend Spring Cleaning for Normal People, an ebook published by Tsh at Simple Mom. She lays out an easy-to-follow schedule and includes tips and steps for making what can be an overwhelming task a little easier to tackle.

And whether you’re just getting started, missed a room during the party or simply want a refresher, I’ve listed all the posts from the Spring Cleaning Party below so that you can easily find them:

Spring Cleaning Party Introduction (from Simple Mom)
Choosing Your Cleaning Supplies

Day 1: Clean Sweep (from Simple Mom)
Decluttering 101

Day 2: Living Room, Part 1 (from Simple Mom)
Deep Cleaning Your Living Room

Day 3: Living Room, Part 2 (from Simple Mom)

Day 4: Kitchen, Part 1 (from Simple Mom)
How Many Small Appliances Does a Person Really Need?

Day 5: Kitchen, Part 2 (from Simple Mom)
Tackling the Kitchen

Day 6: The Bathrooms (from Simple Mom)
Bathrooms That Sparkle

Day 7: The Kids’ Rooms, Part 1 (from Simple Mom)
Getting Control of the Kids’ Rooms

Day 8: The Kids’ Rooms, Part 2 (from Simple Mom)
Toys, Toys and More Toys

Day 9: The Master Bedroom (from Simple Mom)
Making Your Bedroom a Haven

Day 10: The Front Entry & Hallway (from Simple Mom)
Cleaning Up the Front Entry

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  1. It was a ball doing this with you, Mandi! Thanks so much for contributing.

    Tsh’s last blog post…Spring Cleaning: Day Ten


  2. You have received a blog award! I absolutely enjoy your blog.


    Whitney’s last blog post…My First Blog Award


  3. Thanks for the quick links. I am starting mine next week! That will help a lot! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Chele’s last blog post…Ponderings – Stay Positive


  4. [...] go to Mandi’s blog over at Organizing Your Way and read her post today on the Spring Cleaning Party-Wrap up for an easy list of links to Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Party. The party is over but like [...]

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