Giveaway: Exclusive OXO Office Tools Found at Staples


*UPDATE: The giveaway has ended, and the winner is Rachel with comment #76! Rachel, I’ve emailed you so we can get your set of OXO Good Grips sent right out to you!

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a teleconference hosted by Staples and featuring Donna Smallin, aka The One Minute Organizer, about the new OXO product line launched exclusively by Staples.

The OXO Good Grips product line is the result of years of product development and innovation to create office products with added form and function. You know already know that I’m all about function, and these products are packed with features to make your home and office life simpler. But they’re sleek design manages to add aesthetic appeal to your everyday hole punch, stapler and scissors as well. It’s a combination that can’t be beat!

As I continue to focus on decluttering, I loved this list from Donna of the five things that make a “good tool”, and I think these are guidelines we could apply to any item in our homes to decide whether the value of the tool outweighs the cost of keeping it around:

A lot of tools can get the job done, but a good tool gets the job done efficiently. That’s the sign of good design. The OXO Good Grips 12-inch ruler, for example, features a clear side for drawing straight lines, a metal side for cutting and reading, and a soft grip in the middle for easy handling. The tape dispenser has a weighted bottom to keep it from moving when you tear off a piece of tape. That’s functional.

Easy to Use
The easier, the better! Because easy translates to efficient and that means getting the job done fast. These staplers and hole punches, for example, have a double pivot motion that glides through multiple sheets of paper with less hand strain. And the staple remover slides in and out like a hot knife through butter – just the tool you need when you need to remove staples to make copies or send a fax.

A good tool is a handy tool! Like scissors that switch to box-cutter mode with the push of a button so you don’t have to worry about cutting your hand on the open blade. A 16-inch ruler that folds in half for compact storage so it fits neatly into a school backpack, kitchen or desk drawer. Front-loading staplers for easy refills. Side-loading tape dispensers with a built-in spool you can’t lose. You get the picture.

High Quality
Everyday tasks require tools that will stand up to repeated use. Typically you won’t find the high-quality features you need in dollar store products. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get high quality.

Good tools are like that pair of sweat pants that you reach for at the end of a long day. Or that favorite pair of jeans that you reach for again and again. Comfort counts. And when there’s a tool you use over and over, day after day, it makes a world of difference if it’s comfortable to use, doesn’t it?

I’m excited to announce that I have a package of the Oxo Good Grips products to give away. This package includes:

:: Pushpin Dispenser, with telescoping magnetic wand for easy dispensing

:: Pushpins, with a non-slip soft grip and contoured shape for easy handling

:: One-Hole Punch, with improved leverage, contoured handles and locking feature for compact storage

:: 8-inch Scissors, with box cutter feature, soft grip handles and stainless steel blades

:: Tape Dispenser, with built-in spool, side loading and weighted base for one-hand use

To enter to win:

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The giveaway will run through Saturday, May 23rd at 11:59pm EST, and I’ll choose a winner using!

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90 Responses to “ Giveaway: Exclusive OXO Office Tools Found at Staples ”

  1. i guess you would say i love the objects that hold items i use everyday. i am a very orgainize person also..awesome to go and get exactly what i need at any given time and there it is organized in a container and there for the reaching …thanks again

  2. My most favorite office tool is the staple remover. It is one of the best inventions ever. Ok it’s not in the top 10 but it does it’s job and it does it very very well. Amazing little tool!

  3. my favourite tool is my wire file holder (the kind that is staggered heights and sits on the desk). i can see where the files are as they are labeled and keep the active stuff on my desk.

  4. i also subscribe in my reader!

  5. My favorite store to shop at is Staples, because I absolutely love school supplies. I say that because I am a teacher but it seems to be an oddity for a high school teacher! My absolute item that I could not live without (have one at home and school) is my labeler.I also really like anything that can help me get organized on my desk at work :)

  6. My favorite office tool is my letter opener.

  7. ohhh exciting !! i am totally in love with my 3 hole punch right now. i started teaching couponing classes and could not live without this to put my lesson planners together!

  8. i have subscribed as well! my live can use a LOT of organization!

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with my stapler. Being a teacher, I use it a lot, but some days it hates me!

    Shelly’s last blog post…Totally Free Groceries!!! I Can’t Believe I Won!

  10. I love plastic sleeves for 3 ring binders. I also like hole punches.

  11. I just saw these at Staples and tried them out – they were very comfortable and easy to use. My favorites to help keep me organized are staplers and 3-hole punches.

  12. I also subscribe via Google Reader

  13. Favorite office supply? I love staplers. I don’t know why…they seem cool.


    oh amanda’s last blog post…My New Favorite

  14. Tweet, tweet!

    oh amanda’s last blog post…My New Favorite

  15. I subscribe so I can read every day about the things I SHOULD be doing…*sigh*…

    oh amanda’s last blog post…My New Favorite

  16. I just love the smell of office supply stores. My favorite thing that I always buy at least once a week are the mini highlighters with the clips on the end that you can hang on your keychain. You never know when you will need a sharpie.

    Beth’s last blog post…All Candy Expo in Chicago

  17. I have subscribed by email

    Beth’s last blog post…All Candy Expo in Chicago

  18. I tweeted:

    Beth’s last blog post…All Candy Expo in Chicago

  19. My favorite office tool is the paperclip! I clip everything and have been known to wear a paperclip bracelet.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    debbie lynne’s last blog post…Take time to smell the roses…

  20. I would say that my fav office tool is the automatic stapler!

    Thanks very much!

    [email protected]
    (in Canada)

  21. I subscribe via Google Reader!


    [email protected]
    (in Canada)

  22. My favorite office tool is the paperclip. It’s simple, but it helps to organize stacks of papers in seconds!

    SavingDiva’s last blog post…Making things at home…Limeade!

  23. My favorite tool are scissors. I use them all of the time!

  24. I subscribe in google reader

  25. I really like scissors. They are multi-taskers. I often use them to open packages and sometimes use them as a letter opener.

  26. I love that the scissors are also a box cutter! We all share a box cutter in my department and im the one always opening boxes and i can never find it when i need it!

  27. My least favorite would be the things that pull staples out. I can never get them to actually work right and I end up using my fingers to do it!

    Whitney’s last blog post…My First Blog Award

  28. I subscribe via e-mail.

  29. My favorite office tools are anything magnetic. Magnetic pencil holders, magnetic clips…cute magnets…

    Shannon’s last blog post…My cute apron

  30. Also a subscriber by Google Reader.

    Shannon’s last blog post…My cute apron

  31. My LEAST favorite tool is a stapler! I can’t seem to find one that works consistently – am I a staple failure?!

  32. I’m a RSS subscriber! Thanks for all the great info!

  33. I think my favorite office tool is my shredder. I get rid of a lot of junk mail and I don’t have a lot of paper clutter laying around. Not to mention it’s a great tool for prevention of identity theft.

  34. And, I subscribed to the newsletter. I may be pretty organized, but I can always use new ideas!

  35. Wow! really nice. For sure you’d be better organized.

  36. I like their pushpins because they’re bigger than the annoying regular sized ones I always loose.

    Lori Z.’s last blog post…Wordy Wednesday: Matilda

  37. My favorite office tool is the post-it note!

  38. My favorite tool is a dry-erase marker.

    Kristi’s last blog post…Resources for Parents

  39. My favorite tool are the post-it tabs for bookmarking pages or marking places to sign! I save coupons and create “index tabs” with these using 3 x 5 cards as dividers in my coupon folder.

    Laurie’s last blog post…Paying It Forward…One Step at a Time…

  40. I subscribe to your posts in a reader! Thank you very much!

    Laurie’s last blog post…Paying It Forward…One Step at a Time…

  41. Twittered!

  42. I love sticky notes – oh, gosh, they have so many uses!

  43. I think you always need a pair of good scissors. My husband’s favorite are the mini ball point pens that are clicky. They’re small enough to comforatbly fit in his pants pocket and they click closed so he doesn’t have to worry about staining.

  44. ack! I typed my email address wrong on the last post. It’s correct here. I’m sorry!!

  45. The push pin dispenser is a great idea! I hate getting pricked with those.

  46. I subscribe via google reader

  47. I love to use a stapler to organize my files. My least favorite would be the hole punch. Now I just buy paper with the holes already in it…LOL

    Desiree’s last blog post…Where am I?

  48. I just subscribed by email.

    Desiree’s last blog post…Where am I?

  49. I love my tape dispenser. I love not having to pick up the little plastic roll of tape to tear it off. I do a lot of scrapbooking and cardmaking–and my tape dispenser is–well–indispensible!

  50. Just subscribed by email!

  51. At my last job the tape dispenser and scissors were both indispensable. BUT – I continued to be irritated that the tape dispenser was not weighted enough, and people kept throwing out the spool (silly college students who’ve never owned a non-disposable tape holder)!

    Here at home – I love our stapler. Those things really are awesome. We’ve got a super-hefty swingline (a christmas gift – and a great one!).

  52. I subscribe via igoogle!

  53. Hey Mandi! My least favorite office tool is my ancient (get ready to gasp) Swingline stapler. It’s so old it jams every single staple and yet, for some insane reason, I can’t get rid of it.


    You’re the star of my RSS reader!


  54. My least favorite office tool is my electric pencil sharpner. It sometimes works, sometimes don’t.

  55. I am already a subscriber via e-mail.

  56. Oh, I’m totally crazy about office supplies! My favorite tool – probably because I use it so much – is my 3-hole punch. Love the ruler you mentioned – it’s on my shopping list!

    RLR’s last blog post…Whee-kend!

  57. You’re on my Blogger Reading List (two entries – yay)!

    RLR’s last blog post…Whee-kend!

  58. Nothing beats a stapler! I love mine! Especially the little ones – you can even get colored staples!

  59. Ooooh! And I’m a subscriber via google reader!

  60. My favorite office tool is a letter opener with a metal cutter in it. It was a freebie, but it opens every letter without a hitch!

  61. I think I have an office supply addiction! My favorite is my adjustable 3 hole punch that can do about 20 sheets at a time.

  62. My favorite office tool… post it! pads… a great invention since I have a love/hate relationship with my tape dispenser. Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. Fave? Scissors, but I have to hide them from my preschooler and toddler. Least fave? Tape. Which I also have to hide!

  64. My favorite office tool is the three whole punch.. I have quite an odd obsession with three hole punching everything!

    SHannon’s last blog post…Freebie Alert – Free Platex Gentle Glide

  65. subscribed via email!

    SHannon’s last blog post…Freebie Alert – Free Platex Gentle Glide

  66. I love my hole punch. It helps keep me organized. My husband seems to always have it though.

  67. I love metal binder clips. I use them for everything at home and the office, especially love them in the kitchen!

  68. I love those stand up staplers…I don’t know why, I just do!

  69. My favorite….hmmm, just one??? I LOVE office supplies. I even remember getting a stapler at 7-11 when I was little in place of a candy bar.

    So on that note…staplers are my absolute favorite. I actually need a new one.

  70. I would LOVE to have a stapler that will staple more than about three pieces of papers together on the first try!!!

  71. I LOVE all office supplies. I am an official office supply junkie even though I am a SAHM. My favorite would be the stapler. It looks sturdy so I may even let my kids us it!

  72. I love the weighted tape dispensers. So nice when you only have one hand free!

  73. i like the scissors with box cutters…i have a home based business and need a lot of tools to help me stay organized! thanks for the opportunity to win.

  74. My favorite office supply is my 3 hole punch. I asked for my first one when I was in 10th grade….LOVE IT!

  75. I subscribe to you through my google reader

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  76. Just did a tweet about this @afreshspace!

    Liz Jenkins’s last blog post…Sweet Gravy Studio…my new piece of art…love it!

  77. I love my scissors why? it cuts out all my money saving coupons. Now if I could just organize them that would be great!

    [email protected]

  78. My favorite office supplies are those colorful sticky tabs (“sign-here” type)…I use them for everything: to mark my place in novels, mark favorites like recipes or home decorating ideas in magazines. Thanks for all of the great organizing ideas!

  79. I also subscribe via Google Reader.

  80. My favorite office supply is the 3hole punch. As a homeschool Mom, I love printing out pages for the children to color, do copywork on, or what have you and then punching holes in those to go into their notebooks (or mine).

    Thanks for all of the great organizing ideas!

  81. My least favorite office tool! The 3 hole punch. The one at my office isn’t very sharp and so the holes are only partially punched. It is also the kind that the spacing can vary…usually it varies just enough so your punched paper can barely fit onto the three rings of your notebook. Favorite office tool the clamps with pins on the back so that you can clamp a stack of papers together and hang them from your cubical wall until you need them again!

    Thanks for all your organizing work!

  82. I love post its or little tabs to help me organize my office/desk.

    Keilah’s last blog post…Casein

  83. I am already a subscriber via google reader does that count?

    Keilah’s last blog post…Casein

  84. My least favorite office tool is the staple remover. I am a klutz-
    and I have pinched and poked myself with it more than once. It’s also a storage problem on my desktop.

    The OXO stuff looks great–we don’t have a Staples in my city, but
    I can check it out online.

  85. My favorite office tool is the paperclip.

  86. I subsribed!