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Question of the Day: How Do Your Organize Your Clothes in Your Closet?

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source: william couch

source: william couch

I’ve been wondering this since our Rotating Seasonal Wardrobes series:

How do you organize the clothes in your closet?

Do you hang them by style? By color? In whatever order they come out of the laundry?

Are you happy with your system? Can you find what you’re looking for most of the time? What would you do differently if you had the time and/or money to implement it?

I’m sharing my system in the comments, and I hope you’ll come share yours as well!

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Hi. My name is Mandi and I’m an organizing junkie. I’m also a wife, and Momma to four little girls (5, 3.5, 2 and a new baby!). I've worked at home since our oldest was a baby, and like a lot of other moms, my life is a constant balancing act of caring for my family and my home, meeting my obligations and finding time for hobbies in there somewhere. Oh, yeah, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m somewhat of a kitchen dunce and I only like to pretend that I’m crafty. Read more here!

14 Responses to “ Question of the Day: How Do Your Organize Your Clothes in Your Closet? ”

  1. I actually use a combination of two systems.

    I hang mine by type – long sleeved and short sleeved – and then by color within each type.

    I also hang my girls by type – sweaters and dresses – but not by color.

    My husband doesn’t care, so his just get hung however they come out of the laundry.

    How about you?


  2. I have all of ours by type but mine get hung by a first category, what fits and what doesn’t.


  3. All of our closets (kids and ours) are hung by color and style. Red short sleeves come before red long sleeves. And red stripes follow both. The boys are getting old enough now that I want them to start hanging their shirts – and that might mean letting go of categories. But my hubby doesn’t care, so I just organize his and then every once and a while, while getting dressed, I pull the green out of the reds, the whites out of the yellows and put them back in order :)


  4. Our closets are organized by type (short sleeve, long sleeve, jacket, dress, etc.) Not so much on color. I think I need more clothes to do that :)

    Marci’s last blog post…Inspiration


  5. I hang mine by type too. I have a closet organizer that allows some separation between the types as well to make it really easy to find what I’m looking for.

    Org Junkie’s last blog post…Storage Star ~ Craft Closet


  6. I have everything by type and then color. So all the suit jackets are together then all the no sleeeve shirts, short sleeve shirts and finally long sleeve shirts. Within each category they are arranged by color family.

    Speaking of family, no one else in mine cares how their closets look and it drives me nutz… but I have learned to just close the closet doors and not look. My 6 year old daughter has her own idea of sorted and organized and willfully rearranges what I have put “right” so I just have to walk away.

    It kinda runs in the family. My husband will bug the kids about why their stuff isnt put away but then leave 4 hats, 3 pairs of boots/shoes and a belt all over the living area. And putting stuff away means putting it on the closet floor. =/ Then there is one of my teenage daughters who puts nothing away. She tells hubby that his car is a mess (he got his feelings hurt) and rearranges the salt/pepper. I think we have ISSUES.

    lol…. quit asking me questions or you are gonna know my entire life story.


    Anne Alagna’s last blog post…Freezer Frenzy -Part Two


  7. I hang them by type (long sleeve, short, pants, skirts etc) and then usually in the order they come out of the wash. I also limit the number of each clothing item I have so I can see it all without having to dig much.

    Kim’s last blog post…Shameless Self Promotion


  8. I hang the clothing by type and then by size. However, I also find that I don’t hang as many clothing items as I do fold them and put them into a dresser. The same thing goes for their (I have identical twin girls) dresser. I categorize each drawer. For instance, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve, pants/shorts, pjs, sweater/sweatshirts.

    I love the system I have. I also installed the Elfa system in the closet which is perfect bc I have baskets for smaller items like socks, bigger clothing, etc. I can then fold things into baskets like blankets, extra toys and then have the hanging room for nicer things like dressed.


  9. I hang by type. And within that type, by what I wear most. These stay in the middle of the closet for accessability.
    My husband refuses to hang things properly. I mean on the hanger. He just shoves the hanger in the neck and puts it on the rod. UUUGH. Like a good wife, I go back and straighten his things and put them where they belong, with the other shirts, pants or whatever. I try to say, take 2 seconnds and fix it, but I think I’m speaking chinese when I say it, because all I get is a blank stare.
    Purses on the shelf above and shoes below. Simple, but it works.

    jen’s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday – Okay Not Really


  10. I wrote a bit about this a few months back (can be seen here:

    I am a closet organizing maniac! :) All of my clothes are hung by style (tank, short sleeved, long), then by color (from white to black). I do the boys closet the same way. The husband – that is an entirely different situation ;) I do hang his clothes however – but if it were up to him everything would be in a big pile on the floor! The right side of his closet are all of his nice, work shirts and the left are all t-shirts and jerseys.

    I could talk about my closets all day! Does that make me odd? ;)

    Angie @ The Creative Mama’s last blog post…what i found wednesdays, ahem thursday!


  11. I haven’t had a functioning closet since I was a teenager. I don’t think I hung things by type, color, or anything back then. And now – clothes are just everywhere (you should see the top of my dresser- it’d give you fits for sure), since I don’t have a closet that works. What I mean by that is that the closet is about six feet deep, but only 20 inches wide. You can hang a few things in there, but you can’t hang a rod the whole length (you wouldn’t fit in there with the clothes and hangers!). There is one other closet in the house, and it’s not as deep, and slightly wider. It, unfortunately, is not especially functional either. It is currently too-small baby clothes, baby supplies, and linen storage.

    Why, yes, I *do* have a serious organizational problem. Why do you ask? ;)


  12. I hang my clothes by type and then by alphabetically by color; I hang my husband’s and my girls’ clothing the same way, but I’ve made a few changes in the way my two oldest girls’ clothes are stored.

    I select seven outfits (one for each day of the week) and keep them folded in a plastic 3-drawer container. This way, there are no fights over what to wear: I choose appropriate attire for the week and they get to pick exactly what they wear and when. It is working really well. It also helps to rotate their clothing so they don’t wear out their “favorites” to soon.

    I really love having my clothes nice and neat. I am currently switching out seasons (um, I’m a little late, I know!), and right now, our clothing situation is driving me a little crazy ;)

    Amy’s last blog post…Fabulous Friday Freebies!


  13. It’s so nice to hear there are other “nut jobs” out there like me! :) We’re still renovating our closet so working off of one hanging bar now. So right now I try to keep categorized – no color – shorts, short sleeved casual, short sleeved work, pants, skirts, long sleeved casual etc. When it’s all said and done I’ll go back to my old system which also included color sorting w/in the categories above.

    Hubs couldn’t care less and just shoves it all in there. I tried to keep his categorized but figured it was a waste of my time. If he doesn’t care then why spend my precious time doing it?

    My son’s are organized by drawers: school clothes in one, organized into piles. PJs and home clothes in the other. His closet is used to store clothes he hasn’t grown into yet and they are sorted by size.

    I’d love to have an org system etc in our closet but not sure if it would work due to the size!

    Lori’s last blog post…Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Scoops 4/29


  14. I’ve always hung first by sleeve length, with collar in the back and without in front, and then by color, light to dark. Pants are hung by length then color. Jackets by color.


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