Quick Tips: Making Your Pantry Work for You

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source: La Famille Rapp

source: La Famille Rapp

This week we’re looking at how an organized pantry, freezer and stockpile can actually save you money. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of organizing them, here are a few quick tips for putting your pantry to work for you:

::If you’re short on space – or trying to make the most out of the space you do have – use one or more lazy susans for your canned goods. They’ll allow you to stack your cans several deep and still be able to easily see and access them.

::If you don’t have the time or inclination to keep a full pantry inventory, another option is to simply make a list of your most commonly used items. Print out copies and keep it in or near your pantry. Use one each week to track what items you run out of or need more of so that you aren’t trying to rememeber everything at the last minute as you prepare your grocery list.

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4 Responses to “ Quick Tips: Making Your Pantry Work for You ”

  1. I like the idea of using the lazy susan. I have a spice organizer that spins. (I’m sure the idea was inspired by the lazy susan.) I also like the idea of the pantry inventory or frequently used items list. I was just writing about this idea myself in this project that I’m working on.

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  2. I love the lazy Susan idea!

    Nichole’s last blog post…Recipes and strategies for the solo diner


  3. Lazy susans work great in thos corner cabinets that are so huge and deep!

    Paula’s last blog post…Paper Organization: Tips to End the Paper Clutter


  4. I have a list for each store of what I buy there, organized by the way I waslk through the store. I print one out when I am going. I rarely go to the store; I haven’t been at all this month and I won’t be going for a while. We have been living primarily on what we have stored for the last two years (along with our garden). You’re welcome to see some of my pantry!


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