Organizing Children’s Craft Supplies: Creating an Art Box to Simplify Craft Time

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I first heard about the idea of an art box from a guest post written by Amanda from Kiddio at Simple Mom. It took me longer to implement than I care to admit, but my girls received adorable tin lunch boxes for Christmas filled with – gasp! – art supplies, and they were a hit. I added a few more basics to them, and now they can grab their boxes whenever they want.

I love the craft boxes for many reasons…

1. They’re convenient and contain all of the basic supplies they need to stay busy.

2. They contain a variety of supplies so the girls can choose whichever appeals to them on a given day.

3. They’re easy to get out and don’t require rummaging through bins and cabinets to get a variety of supplies.

4. They’re easy to clean up, and the girls can do it themselves.

So how do you decide what to keep in your art boxes? You can probably guess what my answer is to that question…it depends on your kids, your family, your home and your rules!

But here’s what our boxes contain:

::Paint dots
::A small velvet art picture and markers
::Construction paper
::Pipe cleaners

I’d like to add glue at some point, which my girls love, but at their ages (4 and almost-3), glue is not an “easy” craft, and I try to keep the boxes stocked with things they can do on their own.

Do you have art boxes? Is it something you think would work for your family? Why or why not?

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3 Responses to “ Organizing Children’s Craft Supplies: Creating an Art Box to Simplify Craft Time ”

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  2. My 3yo got a craft box as a gift when our son was born. She LOVES it and let her use any and every piece of it however she wants!

    oh amanda’s last blog post…My New Favorite


  3. I finally got around to preparing an art (wire) basket for them. This basket was just lying around unused. So i collected the art supplies lying all over and simply put them together. I am not sure if I would do individual art boxes as yet. So far they are great in sharing and taking turns to use common items like scissors, tape and glue ;D


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