All About To-Do Lists: Finding a System That Works for You

source: Cellach

source: Cellach

Chances are that if you’re a list maker, you’ve seen – and perhaps drooled over – dozens of different systems for creating your daily to-do list. From fancy Franklin Covey planners to PDAs to those systems tailored for moms and everything in between, there is definitely no lack of options to consider.

So how do you decide which system works best for you?

I’ve been working on describing the pros and cons of a few different systems for a few days now, and to be honest, I’m having trouble putting them into words (maybe because I prefer a system that starts with a blank sheet of paper, a few categories – such as Home, Blogging, Paperwork, etc. – and making my list there. Pretty simple, without many bells and whistles).

However, I know that some of you have much better systems, whether you use Tsh’s Daily Docket or some other system ( has some awesome to-do list printables!), so I’m hoping you’ll help me out here and share more about your system and what you love – or maybe don’t love – about it!

Can’t wait to read what you have to say!

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5 Responses to “ All About To-Do Lists: Finding a System That Works for You ”

  1. I’ve been using Remember the Milk the last few years, because I don’t like writing recurring things and my handwriting is terrible. I whittle my list down to at most 10 things that day.

    Avlor’s last blog post…Printing Hints and Tips


  2. I keep a small pad of paper on my night stand to write a simple “must-do” to-do list for the next day right before I go to bed. Each Sunday, I write a general to-do list for the week on a paper with categories like to-do, to-call, to-buy… These lists go in my life management folder (for lack of a better name!). I try keep it simple.

    Marci’s last blog post…Your house maybe clean, but is it healthy?


  3. i tend to be a simple list-maker myself. i have a spiral notebook (the kind you can get for like ten cents during “back to school sales”) that i just write everything down in. everything. yes, sometimes stuff gets written down three or four times, but i love looking back at all the pages of stuff that’s been crossed off.

    and the bonus? if something’s been left ten pages back, it’s probably not that important at the end of the day. so i cross it off, and move it to the last page of the notebook. and i don’t usually ever miss it!

    i’ve tried other systems, but always come back to spiral bound paper and a pen.

    robyn’s last blog post…My New Toy


  4. Thanks for picking my picture to illustrate your blog, Mandi :)

    I’ll be following this with interest – organising and decluttering are things dear to my heart!

    Maggie’s last blog post…Foxy!


  5. I finally came up with a system that worked for my home calendar/to-do’s and then I saw that Amy Knapp already beat me to it with her Family Organizer.

    I like the Grocery list, long to-do section, and week @ a view all spreadh out together. I don’t do menu planning really so I use that section for other notes or reminders. The Grocery list/menu list are perforated so you can tear them and take them with you instead of the whole planner!

    Lori’s last blog post…Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Crackers Guarantee


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