And the Winner of The Skinny on Time Management is…

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The Skinny on Time Management

Congratulations to Kelli and Efi, you each won a copy of The Skinny on Time Management by Jim Randel! I’ve sent you each an email.

I hope you find this book as practical and engaging as I did!

If you haven’t yet downloaded your FREE copy of The Skinny on Success, be sure to do that today. I LOVE Jim’s take on success, and he backs up what he says with lots of research and example. It’s an inspirational book and an easy, fun read!

I really enjoyed reading through all of your time management tips in the comments of the giveaway post:

My best tip is that I always take a list, in order, of my stops on an errand trip. ~Lori H.

My best time management technique is getting up early in the morning to get my quiet time, exercise and shower done before the kids get up. ~Kathy

I’d say my best time management tip is making a chronological list of things I have to do, and doing them in the correct order. It helps me to not put off the things I really don’t want to do. ~Maura

My best time management tip is FILE as papers come in! ~Kindra

My biggest tip is just doing it! Once the procrastination sets in, it’s almost impossible to complete anything, then you have the guilt and stress of NOT doing something, making you completely unable to do anything. ~Jena

I have a tendency to go off track very easily, but as long as I have a sticky note w/a list in front of me I can keep pushing through. ~Jennifer H.

My tip is if it’s something small that needs to be done….do it now! Don’t keep walking by that sock or pile of mail. ~Leilani

Read more tips here!

And the biggest time waster? I’ll give you one guess. Yep, the computer!

So close it or turn it off and go get something done and then enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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