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Rotating Seasonal Wardrobes (Spring): A Step-by-Step Plan

source: Koonisutra

source: Koonisutra

Okay, this is it – the day we’ve all been dreading looking forward to.  It’s time to rotate the seasonal wardrobes!

So where do we start? I’ve included a step-by-step plan below with the pros and cons of each step to help you make this somewhat overwhelming process a bit easier!

1. Pull out and sort last season’s clothes.

I use four piles – store, throw away/repurpose, give away and transitional clothes that you’ll keep out for cooler days.

Pros: Sorting the clothes as you pull them out of the closet and dresser means that you won’t have to go back through and sort them again when you’re done. You could always wait until next season to decide what to keep and what to give/throw away, but think how much easier it will be in the fall if you do it now!

Cons: This is definitely an extra step and one that takes additional time and energy if you’re already dreading the process as a whole.

2. Pull out the totes or storage bins with all of the spring clothes in the appropriate size for each person.

Sort through them, keeping your checklist of items in mind, as you decide which to pull out, which to put back in storage and which to give away.

We talked about the pros and cons of having a checklist earlier this week.

3. Make a list of additional items you need to complete outfits and round out the wardrobe.

Pros: Making this list while you’re looking at all of the clothes for the season means you’re more likely to remember to add a shirt that goes with a specific pair of pants without adding another pair of shorts if you already have plenty. Trying to do it from memory will inevitably lead to doubles and missed items.

Cons: As with the others, this is an added step that increases the amount of time you’ll spend on this project upfront. You could wait and do this later if you’re already overwhelmed by the process.

4. Make an inventory list and pack away the clothes that you’ll be keeping in storage for another season.

Pros: Knowing what you have before you unpack the boxes is a huge benefit of keeping a written inventory. You’ll be able to snag deals throughout the year because you’ll know what you have and what you need for each person.

Cons: And yet again, this is an added step and one that you may not have energy for by the time you’ve finished the rest. You’ll have to decide if the benefits are enough motivation or not!

5. Treat yourself to Starbuck’s.

Oh, wait, that doesn’t really belong on this list, but that is how I feel by the time I finish sorting through the girls’ clothes as well as my own!

Have you tackled this project yet? Is it still on your to-do list? Do you have a tip to make the whole process either?

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5 Responses to “ Rotating Seasonal Wardrobes (Spring): A Step-by-Step Plan ”

  1. “3. Make a list of additional items you need to complete outfits and round out the wardrobe.”

    Great tip! I have several summer skirts with no shirts, but when I get to the store I forget what I need and end up with just whatever. I will go make my list right now!

    “5. Treat yourself to Starbuck’s.”

    You are pure genius! Nothing motivates me these days quite like a grande cafe mocha!

    Marci’s last blog post…New favorite cleaning tool


  2. Not me, I’m looking forward to getting rid of the bulk and putting on light colors and lighter fabrics. I love spring and summer wear, so yeah to rotating out the sweaters!

    Great advice as always Sandy.


  3. Fantastic Post….thanx so much!!! I’m sidelined with a cold/flu, but I’ll be back to my closet soon enough! One bite @ a time!


  4. These are some great suggestions. I just rotated all my kids clothes this past week, and it was a several hour ordeal, but it was made simpler by the fact that I had previously put all the clothes that could be worn again this season into a plastic tub at the end of last season and labeled it. I just had to get them out, make sure they still fit, and then make a list of anything new we needed that didn’t make it. Same thing with the baby, except that these were an entire tub of clothes from her older sister that were sitting there for a couple of years until she was old enough for them.

    Keeping clothes in storage tubs is a bit of a pain while you are doing it, but so worth it monetarily because we do not have to go out and buy too much new stuff (or new to us, we generally shop consignment, etc.).

    Good call too on keeping some transitional clothes. I kept some out, but I guess I should have kept out more since it is currently snowing here! I can’t believe it!

    Taylor at Household Management 101’s last blog post…Mar 23, How To Clean A Toilet


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