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Quick Tip: Frugal Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Appliances

We love our stainless steel appliances, but with four little ones, even our “smudge resistant” brushed stainless steel ends up with streaks and smudges. The thought of paying for all of the stainless steel cleaner we would need to keep the appliances clean is not appealing to me, but fortunately we’ve found a great solution.

I now keep all of our appliances shiny and smudge free with baby oil:

1. Put a small amount of baby oil on a dry rag.

2. Rub it over the surface of the stainless steel in long, even strokes.

3. Buff off the excess baby oil with a second dry cloth. Be sure to get all of the excess baby oil off or it will attract lint.

4. Wipe with a dry cloth whenever you notice smudges or streaks.

5. Repeat every week or two as needed.

6. Occasionally, clean the whole thing with Windex to remove any excess oil and then start fresh.

Not only does the baby oil make the surface nice and shiny, but it also helps guard against fingerprints.

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Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way

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8 Responses to “ Quick Tip: Frugal Stainless Steel Cleaner ”

  1. You are so smart! I’m going to try this!
    oh amanda´s last blog ..My First Top Ten {Tuesday} Vlog! *giveaway* My ComLuv Profile


  2. Mandy, my husband is a builder, and he has the same solution! I was wondering what kind of flooring you have in your kitchen/greatroom? Every time I see pictures of your home I ITCH to build our own house. I agree with your family that Ikea has some incredible solutions.


  3. Love love love this tip! Trying this today. Thanks, Mandi!
    Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists´s last blog ..Penelope Product Review: two simply smart office products My ComLuv Profile


  4. This is a great process for the otherwise really beautiful stainless appliances and if you are into green cleaning, swapping out White Vinegar for the Windex works just as well!

    Mandi – do you love the butcher block counters?


  5. Great idea. I have struggled to keep our stainless steel appliances clean as long as we have had them. I am definitely trying this!
    Emily´s last blog ..Impossible My ComLuv Profile


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  7. Oh, Mandi — thank you! I just had my appliances replaced and was wondering what to do. I’ve looked at the cleaners and almost just bought some — but it was so pricey!
    Thank you so much!


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