Question of the Day: What Would You Do Differently?

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Making Christmas Cookies

Making Christmas Cookies

If you’re feeling stressed out at this moment, take just one moment to step back and think about what you’d do differently if you could. It’s better to think about it now, while you’re in the middle of it, than it is to wait until next year rolls around and inevitably find yourself in the same position once again!

What do you wish you’d done differently this Christmas?

Do you wish you’d started earlier? Taken on less projects?

Is there a tradition you wish you had included?

Do you regret any of your purchases already?

What new traditions did you start that you want to remember?

What are you glad you did this year?

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13 Responses to “ Question of the Day: What Would You Do Differently? ”

  1. Good things to think about. I’m writing this down. Great stuff. Thanks.
    PS~Erin´s last blog ..Last Minute Gifts My ComLuv Profile


  2. I’m really glad that I started early. I pretty much finished everything on Friday except for a couple of gifts my husband is picking up. I’m really thankful I did because my son got sick with pneumonia so I’ve been taking care of him all week and won’t really be able to focus on a lot more. I’m glad that I’m not stressed about finishing up stuff. I still have to wrap but that’s easy to fit in, and I can enlist help with that without stressing about it!

    I definitely will start early again next year, but if I decide to make handmand gifts like I did this year I won’t be making such a variety. It took more money and time than anticipated. If I make a lot of one or two things I know it will be cheaper and quicker!

    Great thought joggers!


  3. This morning, I looked around to find what Christmas project needs to be finished and there were only a couple presents that needed to be wrapped. We had a wonderful month full of cookie bakes, friends, art projects, Christmas stories…. I did not feel rushed at all, but it’s all because I had a plan going in!
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  4. This year has worked out really well. I didn’t pull out the big tree and all the ornaments, we are never home.

    In the past I have busted my rear to get everything “perfect” because of some unwritten family decorating rule. I did put up a really small tree with lights (that I can pull straight out of the box) so at least to my neighbors I don’t look like a scrooge!

    I am a little blue that I didn’t make my spiced nuts…But, there is still time to whip some up.


  5. we really scaled back this year because we didn’t want to be stressed and overcommitted and running around like chickens with our heads cut off. its been a relatively stress-free month, but my daughter and i got sick for almost two full weeks and that meant that a lot of our cooking projects and food gifts fell to the way side. would really like to figure out a more strategic back-up plan should that happen again.

    also, we may actually start giving out our food gifts the first week of december. it seems that the extra treats, mixes and granolas that we gift would be most USEFUL during the busy month as opposed to after.


  6. This year everything I did was…simple…simple…simple! I loved it! Just wish my hubs had more Christmas cheer, ( he has been without a job for 2 1/2 yrs.)..tough times. I am just keeping focused on the REAL meaning of this time of year! Merry Christmas!
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  7. I had a better plan last year. This year I feel a little…hmmm. Can’t really put it into words. It’s been fine, but last year seemed to be so much more enjoyable. This week has been focused on spending quality time doing what we love. Games, lights, baking, etc.

    I think I’ll plan a little better for next year.
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  8. I was done with Christmas shopping way ahead of the game so that made my life so much more enjoyable..
    I also was able to take the week before Christmas off from work so that has REALLY made a huge difference!


  9. Right @ this moment, for some reason, I have such peace over Christmas. Everything is done that I meant to do. I’m not stressed or chastising myself for putting anything off. I have to admit not all years have been this way. I am typically still running around with a last-minute goals sheet at this stage of the game. I’m not sure why this year is different but I’m certainly enjoying it! No regrets – not one. Not even the boats I surprised myself with yesterday, haha. :)


  10. I would have liked to have spent more time socializing with others. Next year, I want to be sure and make time to celebrate the season with friends.
    Kim @ whatsupbird´s last blog ..Is it finally here? My ComLuv Profile


  11. Quit my transcription job so I have time for things I enjoy.
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  12. Do you wish you’d started earlier? Taken on less projects? Yes i wish we had started earlier

    Is there a tradition you wish you had included? i wish we would have went to one of the different places that has a ton of christmas lights

    Do you regret any of your purchases already? nope we mostly only bought gifts for our daughter

    What new traditions did you start that you want to remember? no we didnt really start any this year

    What are you glad you did this year? im glad that we did NOT put up the tree until the week before christmas. it will be a miracle if im not fed up enough to take the thing down on christmas day lol. 2 year olds and christmas trees just do not mix


  13. [...] Question of the Day: What Would You Do Differently? [...]

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