Question of the Day: Do You Have Any Fun First Day of School Traditions?

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Picture on the Front Porch

I’m big on traditions. I think they’re a fun way to celebrate and build family memories, and I think my type-A personality likes the predictability of them!

Although we’re homeschooling, we have a bunch of “first day of school” traditions that we started this year. It got me wondering what other people do as well…

Do you have any first day of school traditions?

Do you take pictures by your front door of the kids before they leave for school?

Do you pack a special lunch or make a special dinner?

Do you have any traditions the night before?

Come join us in the comments and share your traditions (or get some new ideas from other commenters)!

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11 Responses to “ Question of the Day: Do You Have Any Fun First Day of School Traditions? ”

  1. My sweet daughter had her first year of school last year, and we just took pictures. I’ve been thinking on what we can make our tradition starting this year. I just read from one of my blog friends that they have an after school sundae day, where they make one giant ice-cream sundae to share. That sounds fun. I’ll be checking back for some ideas. I love traditions and thing that each family is stronger bc of theirs. Thanks for posing the question to us!
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  2. We planted a tree in our front yard when we first moved into our house. We take a picture in front of that tree every year for the first day of school. We get to see the tree growing and our daughter growing too. She is now in fourth grade and have taken a picture since the first day of Pre-K. That is 6 first days of school to compare so far.


  3. That is a great picture and a great tradition. Thanks for sharing it cause I might steal the idea.
    April G´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesdays – Reading the Paper My ComLuv Profile


  4. I take a photo of the kids by the mailbox (for some size comparison) and then do a ‘pretty’ one in front of some trees/flowers in our front yard.
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  5. I take a photo of my two boys with their backpacks on right before I take them to school on the first day. I like your idea of having them hold up the grade that they are starting in the picture. I am going to do this when they go back to school in two weeks. Thanks!
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  6. With my girls, after i pick them up from their first day, I take them to the gas station, and they get to get an icee. They love it, and it gives them something to look forward to for a few days before they go to school.


  7. Because ?I am homeschooling I knew there would not be any first day of school pictures. I still wanted something so I decided to have a “Box day”. When the new books arrive I take a photo of my child sitting on the boxes. I only did this for Kindergarten because I don’t caer about every year. But it’s something the younger ones look forward to!


  8. I love your first day of school photo idea…as well as the other traditions…especially the tree one! We do school all year so there’s no “first” day.
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  9. The night before the first day of school we “celebrate” by toasting to the start of a new year by drinking sparkling grape juice.


  10. We have apple pie for breakfast on the first day of school.


  11. For those of you who don’t have an official back to school day, you should read my traditions on my blog…we don’t either, but we’ve found a way to incorporate them.

    Plenty of other ideas on my blog linking to other blogs, if you are interested.

    (Hope you don’t mind me saying that…thought that would be easier than typing it all out again.)
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