Question of the Day: Are you ready for Christmas?

My 3-year-old meeting Dale! We were the Magical Moments family at the Chip and Dale Sing-a-Long, and I don't think she'll ever forget it!

My 3-year-old meeting Dale! We were the Magical Moments family at the Chip and Dale Sing-a-Long, and I don't think she'll ever forget it!

Christmas is now just 9 days away!

I returned home from vacation last week to realize I was very far behind in my plans, but we finally finished up our homemade gifts and the last of our purchases, and I feel much better now. If we ever plan another December vacation, I’ll know to make sure I have more done before we leave!

This week, my girls and I are counting down the 12 days of Christmas. We’ve had a baking/craft project each day this week, and while I don’t think I’m going to end up with much time for serious baking, it’s been a good routine for making sure we just have fun together rather than getting sucked into the stress of the season.

My cards have been sent and all my online shopping is done. This weekend, I’ll be wrapping presents and shopping for the Christmas dinner-in-a-bag drive at church. My grandmother is coming and will be here through Christmas, so I’m looking forward to that. Maybe we’ll get some baking done after all while she’s here!

How about you? Are you ready? Are you feeling the stress or enjoying the season?

What’s left on your to-do list?

What things did you decide to scrap for this year rather than stress about them?

What things do you wish you had decided to scrap?

Looking forward to reading your answers as always!

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15 Responses to “ Question of the Day: Are you ready for Christmas? ”

  1. Oh girl! Can you please come finish my Christmas cards for me? Lol! I only have about 200 left :D

    I still have to wrap gifts. And bake. And, one of my littles has pneumonia, so we will see how the rest of the week pans out.

    The week of Christmas is always a blur because I help my in-laws at their jewelry store (it is crazy-busy).

    So, while my Christmas “stuff” just keeps piling up, I am definitely ready for Christmas! It is much less busy than the days leading up to it. Ha!
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  2. We are ready! Even though I waited a little longer than usual to buy gifts and actually went to the mall after Thanksgiving (usually a big joy-killer for me), I still got everything done in good time. My daughter and I actually had a great day shopping and choosing gifts. She had money this year from her jewelry business, so it was extra exciting for her. We always love cookie baking days. In fact, I think we have had 2 so far and have one more planned this weekend!
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  3. Historically, the 12 days of Christmas actually refer to the 12 days AFTER Christmas… It sounds like a cool tradition–one worth doing accurately!


    Mandi Ehman Reply:

    You’re right, of course. It just so happens that we started baking 12 days before Christmas, so that’s what we’re calling it, just for fun!


  4. Yes! We are ready and it feels really good to just sit back and enjoy the season together. Gifts are finished–but not wrapped. That’s part of what we enjoy, so we don’t worry too much about deadlines with that. Cards are out. This weekend I am making goodies to share with our neighbors, and I’m excited about that. There are two bunches of pine roping on my porch I have yet to hang, but it’s not stressing me out. Our house is only half-decorated outside, but we’re feeling all Christmasy inside. :)


  5. Cards are out, two gifts left to buy but still some more to be made. I hope to knock these out on Friday when my vacation starts! Tree’s up and decorations outside. I’ll make neighbor yummies next week and that’s it! I can’t believe Christmas is next week. I started on my gifts so long ago that Christmas snuck up on me!

    Enjoy the holidays!


  6. Alomst everything is done but the christmas cards. I am working on finishing them ip this week. I usually try to sent them out on the 20th. I also have the stocking stuffers to wrap and as few straggling gifts that are coming in the mail but we are having fun baking, making a gingerbread house and playing games togetheras a family. I love rushing to get everything done in one week so I have time to enjoy the rest of the season.


  7. I feel ready, although we still have 4 gifts to buy. And all the gifts to wrap. But I feel like we are right on track. (Except when I remember I still have to figure out a gift for my hubby)

    This year I really cut down on the decorating to go along w/ the decluttering I’ve been doing . After Christmas I plan to completely get rid of about 1/2 the decorations I didn’t use. I also cut way down on the cookie baking, though I still made some.

    The thing I scrapped entirely was my expectations of myself to create new traditions for my 2 y/o. I decided to skip the Jesse tree and Advent calendar I thought I should do, and focus on the traditions that come naturally for our family. Mentally giving that up really cut the stress.


  8. I still need to buy my daughter’s ornament for the year, and buy gifts for my 9 yr old sister and my neice. My tree still isn’t up (not with my crazy toddler in an apt!) and my cards havnt been sent and I still need to plan and buy christmas dinner. I think I’m doing good for this year, usually I’m waaaaaay more put together but with my sleep problems this year I’m amazed I decided to do Christmas at all, its sad but I’m doing good to even look in the mirror most days. Thank goodness my daughter is only 2, hopefully I’ll be healthier and happier in 2010.

    We decided to srcap a lot of things! Were not going to see santa, we didn’t see any parades or displays or concerts. All things I wanted to do so badly but like I mentioned before I’m not well this year. We also vowed before we decided to have a baby that we would never make our kids travel on Christmas! (unless its an awesome vacation or something). Our Christmas’ were a lot like the movie 4 Christmas’ lol. We grew up always having to travel to the next state to visit family with our 2 sets of divorced parents and I remember wanting to stay home on Christmas day soooooooo badly when I was young. Its just gonna be our thing to stay home!

    I wish I had decided to scrap doing these silly little gift exchanges and games. I wish instead we had donated the money to charity or toys for tots. Next year we are not going to do it.


  9. I’m feeling pretty good this year! Still need to wrap a couple presents, but that’s it. We’re going to my husband’s family’s places for Christmas, so I don’t have to worry about cooking or having company. And I decided to skip sending Christmas cards this year. It’s been soooo much more relaxing than the past. :)
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  10. I’m not stressed so that is good. We only have to get a few things for our own kids yet so it is good all the other shopping is finished.

    I need to wrap yet and would like to do that earlier than just hours before they are to be opened. ;)
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  11. Two more folks to shop for and a few gifts to make – but I’m about 90% done. Still no tree – maybe tomorrow? Finishing up teacher gifts tonight, delivering them tomorrow @ the kids’ winter parties. This year, the most important (to me) thing that I’ve given up is hand-addressing the Christmas cards. It hurts my heart, but I am out of time. I will print most of the labels (tomorrow? Friday?), hand-address the few that have changed, and plan to do New Year’s cards next year.
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  12. I finally got all my children together tonight to try and get a Christmas card picture. This is the latest I’ve ever done it and I was seriously stressing. But I got a few good ones and will be at the store tomorrow getting them printed up. So I’m pretty calm now.

    This year has been different in that I don’t have every day planned out with my youngest. It’s OK though.

    Now to get my lighted garland on the front door…
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  13. I scraped a ton of things off my to do list this year in order to keep it simple (including sending out holiday cards – did an e-card instead), etc. Only things left to do: finish wrapping presents, finish gathering stocking stuffers for kids, deliver bread to neighbors & bake one more batch of cookies.


  14. It gets so crazy this time of year…even with the pared down list of To-Dos I devised this year. I am in the middle of crafting some wonderful gifts for friends and family. I did get everything I needed to ship to faraway loved ones out the door in time, and we decided to do a freezer meal (a winter veg pot pie) for Christmas dinner–especially in this economy when we have no idea what our job security really is like.
    I am feeling a bit freaked out that there are only a few more days to get everything done, although my husband lovingly reminded me that family wouldn’t mind a “late” gift if my flu keeps me from finishing everything. Ah, he is my sanity-keeper sometimes. :)
    Happy Holidays to you and may you have a wonderful new year.


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