Maximizing Your Kitchen Space GIVEAWAY!

Swedish Designs' Pot Racks

Swedish Designs' Pot Racks

Giveaway is closed! Melissa N Walker (#80) is this week’s grand prize winner of the Swedish Design’s pot rack, and Single Mama (#91) and Jeanine B. (#59) will each receive a set of the Mabel’s Labels. Congrats to all three of you!

If you haven’t yet read my interview with Tiff on how a Swedish Designs’ Pot Rack and the Mabel’s Labels Spice and Canister Labels helped her organize her kitchen, be sure to check that out!

Today, I’m excited to announce a giveaway! One lucky winner will win one of these beautifully crafted pot racks (choose from four beautiful designs in either a beech or maple finish, valued between $62 and $108!).

But that’s not all! Two additional winners will each receive a set of Mabel’s Labels Spice and Canister Labels – in green, blue or pink – to help organize their pantry.

To enter:

:: Leave a comment answering this question: “What’s the biggest  organization challenge in your kitchen?”

:: Subscribe to Organizing Your Way by email or in a feedreader, and leave a separate comment letting me know you’ve done so (or that you already are a subscriber!).

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Please note, you have four opportunities to win, but it’s very important that each entry be left as a separate comment in order for it to be counted!

The giveaway will run through Saturday, May 30th at 11:59pm EST, and I’ll choose a winner using!

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Mandi Ehman

Hi. My name is Mandi and I’m an organizing junkie. I’m also a wife, and Momma to four little girls (5, 3.5, 2 and a new baby!). I've worked at home since our oldest was a baby, and like a lot of other moms, my life is a constant balancing act of caring for my family and my home, meeting my obligations and finding time for hobbies in there somewhere. Oh, yeah, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m somewhat of a kitchen dunce and I only like to pretend that I’m crafty. Read more here!

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  1. Oh what a question. I think like most others it has got to be the tupperware. My best solution has been to dedicate one small cabinet for tupperware only. Store containers with their proper lids on them; if they have no mate they are tossed.

  2. Hi.
    My biggest organizational challenge is how to keep all the things like can openers, whisks, etc. organized. Each is a different size and shape and it’s hard to keep them in an orderly fashion.

    Love this blog; lots of useful ideas. Thanks.

  3. I have been an RSS feed reader of your blog for a while now. Great way to make sure I see all your ideas! Thanks.

  4. I have a lot of issues in my kitchen right now but one of them is how to keep my spices in order. In the cabinet I store them in they frequently get moved around and when I go to get one out several will fall out or they are hard to find when I need them.
    I have a limited space in my kitchen so this topic is helpful!

  5. i still struggle with using my kitchen island as a dumping ground / holding pattern spot. i am TRYING very hard but on any given day there will be kids water botles, school papers, my dayplanner, vitamins, kids drawings and dh’s newspapers.

    i could realy use those labels! thanks for the chances

  6. i also subscribe to your feed in google!

  7. The size and amount of cabinets we have. Being military we don’t get to choose cabinets. (-: Living on a beautiful island is a great trade off though.

    Tara H’s last blog post…Run Forrest RUN

  8. Uughh…my Tupperware/plastic storage container cupboard. I haven’t
    yet found a way to organize it effeciently. It is usually a frustrating, chaotic mess.

  9. LOL! I obviously haven’t found the right way to spell
    “efficiently” either.

  10. The biggest challenge for me is finding a place for everything that makes it easy to get too. My kitchen is small and tall, and so I often need a step ladder to reach things. Great giveaway!

  11. I am a follower of your blog!

  12. Those pot racks are lovely, but I really NEED the Mabel’s Labels! My biggest challenge? The pantry. Who shoves stuff in there all the time, anyway?!

    Amy @ Finer Things’s last blog post…Try it Tuesday: It’s a Start

  13. I’m subscribed via google reader.

    Amy @ Finer Things’s last blog post…Try it Tuesday: It’s a Start

  14. The biggest organizational challenge in my kitchen is the island… AKA, the place to put anything you don’t know what to do with. Ugh. Numerous purges and reorganizing sessions have helped for a little while, but I still have to clear it off daily.

  15. Entry #2- I’m already a subscriber. :)

  16. I am a new subscriber – about 2 weeks or so by now. Loving the tips!

    RLR’s last blog post…"I Despise This"

  17. My biggest kitchen challenge is having enough counter space, since the kitchen often serves and the first (and last) rest stop for many odd items (junk mail, missing toy/puzzle pieces/artwork from preschool, etc). I don’t have a lot of counter space to begin with, and need to learn to make better use of the ‘bar’ area.

    RLR’s last blog post…"I Despise This"

  18. I’m subscribed via rss

  19. We keep kosher and have two sets of everything. Its incredibly hard to find place for all that stuff.

  20. Hi…great question….everything! I have such a hard time keeping all of my pots and pans organized…I have odd shaped cupboards and things get stuck way in the back and forgotten about! Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!

  21. My pots and pans are the hardest thing to organize in the kitchen.

  22. I also subscribe to your blog via Google Reader.

  23. Well, nothing is organized in the kitchen right now. Pots and pans (and especially their lids) are running amok in their cabinet. They just do not fit well in there! I pick up at least six or seven spices looking for the one I need, and food somehow hides in the refrigerator. Seriously – what is wrong with this fridge? There is something really odd about it (Yes, I’m blaming the inanimate object – I have nothing to do with it!).

  24. I am a blog follower of yours!! loving it too

  25. my biggest challange in kitchen organization is my pack rat habits to be honest. LOL but a close second is pots and pans. they are just soooo disorganized! drives me INSANE

  26. I’m already a subscriber on the blogger feed. I love your blog!


  27. My biggest organization challenge right now is trying to find space for the food we use and eat on a daily basis. I don’t have a lot of cupboard space, so I have to keep everything else really organized. Which, of course, is a challenge in itself!

  28. My biggest challenge is balancing how much is out on the counter vs how much gets put away. We try to keep essentials out, but it still seems cluttered and too busy.


  29. I am totally subscribed to your blog! LOVE IT.

    Thanks for all your tips. :)

  30. My biggest challenge is my baking cabinet that also contains all the spices, etc. There’s just so much in there it gets hard to find things.

    Clara S’s last blog post…California…Part 2

  31. I am already subscribed to your blog through Google reader and I love it – very inspiring.

    Clara S’s last blog post…California…Part 2

  32. My biggest organizing challenge, aside from keeping the clutter at bay, is my 2 large (30″ wide) kitchen drawers. They seemed like a good idea when our kitchen contractor suggested them. In reality, they’re too large to handle heavy items safely. The drawers take up a lot of space and I have yet to find a great use for them.

    Karen’s last blog post…Happy Birthday Cael!!!

  33. And yes, I also subscribe to your blog via my iGoogle feed… :)

    Karen’s last blog post…Happy Birthday Cael!!!

  34. My biggest organizational challenge in my kitchen is that I have lots of cabinet space, but they are very deep. It is hard to use all of the space effectively when so much of the space is that far back.

  35. And, while I’m at it… I submitted your recent post on freezer cooking to StumbleUpon. My user name there is “mom2mykiddos”.

    Karen’s last blog post…Happy Birthday Cael!!!

  36. I love your blog! I also love to organize things – it’s relaxing to me. :)
    My biggest kitchen organization challenge is cups and plasticware. There are 3 roommates, each with her own kitchen things. We all share each others’ things but it’s been hard to keep it neatly contained.

    Shannon’s last blog post…Ten – Day 16

  37. And thanks to Google Reader, I can get your blogposts everytime you post! Hooray for subscriptions!

    Shannon’s last blog post…Ten – Day 16

  38. Biggest Challenge? Space! I have a very small kitchen. I built pantry shelves behind the kitchen door leading to the garage, just deep enough to fit two mason jars. I hate original packaging and love to organize using mason jars. Spices get put into old pharmacy bottles with lids, and those spice labels will be perfect!

  39. Entry 2: I am an email subscriber. Thanks for your great site. Have used many ideas from it!

  40. My biggest kitchen challenge is fridge and freezer organization. Stuff is always flying out at me from all directions! Plus, I can never find anything.

  41. I subscribe.

  42. My kitchen island tends to be the dumping ground for all incoming paper. I need a better system of handling it all.

    Marci’s last blog post…Creative jewelry storage

  43. I subscribe via reader!

    Marci’s last blog post…Creative jewelry storage

  44. My biggest challenge is not enough storage”cabinets or drawers”

  45. My silverware and utensil drawers are awful! My kids do the dishes and just throw it all in together. I need some simple organizing in there!

    angie hopkins’s last blog post…Join Quizno’s Q-Club for coupons

  46. I tweeted!TinyURL: kitchen space giveaway! less than 5 seconds agoTinyURL: kitchen space giveaway! less than 5 seconds ago from web

  47. My biggest organizational challenge? Space. We are in a small rental with a teensy tiny kitchen. The cabinet space is pretty big but the actual counter space and room to move isn’t. Of course I go with a very simple, minimalistic approach but still – its a struggle!

    Excited about the giveaway!

    Angie @ The Creative Mama’s last blog post…Get Your Creative On!

  48. Oh and of course, I follow through my google reader :)

    Angie @ The Creative Mama’s last blog post…Get Your Creative On!



    Angie @ The Creative Mama’s last blog post…Get Your Creative On!

  50. My biggest challenge in our kitchen is keeping the pantry organized. It gets out of control very quickly.

  51. My biggest organization problem is my plastic containers and lids.
    I have them everywhere, but can’t find the right lid half the time,so I end up using plastic wrap or foil instead.

  52. I just subscribed

  53. I am an email subscriber

  54. As a new mom to a preemie who requires pumped milk since she can’t nurse yet, I’m struggling with how to keep bottles, pump parts, etc. organized yet available on my kitchen counter. Right now it’s a bit chaotic.

  55. My biggest challenge is to where to put the bigger items like my kitchenaid mixer, toaster oven, and crock pot… I don’t use these items everyday, but at least weekly and don’t like the look of them on my counter.

  56. I also signed up via email.

  57. I hate my corner cabinets. It is so hard to access the items in the very back corner! I have to remove everything in the front to get to the items in the back. Very cumbersome and time-consuming – as well as frustrating!

  58. I already to subscribe to your feed using Google Reader!

  59. Biggest kitchen organization problem, not enough storage space. Thanks for the giveaway

    Keilah’s last blog post…Casein

  60. My biggest organization challenge in my kitchen is the pantry. It’s big (which is great and I love it) but because of it’s size, it tends to get very unorganized very easily!

  61. I subscribe :)

  62. My biggest challenge is my “snack foods” storage. Things like chips and pretzels come in a bag that make them very difficult to stay organized.

  63. my biggest challenge would be having everything out in sight but not terribly cluttered!

    marina john’s last blog post…Where did all that time go?

  64. I’ve subscribed via email

    marina john’s last blog post…Where did all that time go?

  65. We have several cooks in the house. Each person has their favorite tools and accessories. Therefore, we have TOO MANY THINGS in the kitchen.

  66. Right now my biggest challenge is keeping up with all the dishes with a 4 month old keeping me busy!

    The biggest organizational challenge is the plastic ware. I use it a fair amount but the only place it fits is above the microwave which is over the stove so that is quite a stretch for my little arms! And then there’s the fun on trying to find the lid!

  67. I’m also subscribed with google reader


  68. my kitchen was designed poorly and therefore i do not have room to put the items I need within reach in the proper place…my baking stuff is on the opposite of the kitchen as well as the pots and pans, etc. it’s rather annoying! the whole kitchen is backwards!! :)

  69. I am an email subscriber!

  70. My biggest organizational challenge is finding room for all of the cooking utensils. I just toss them all into a few drawers (including the knives – eep!). I know I should organize them better, but there are just SO MANY of them that it gets overwhelming.

  71. I am also a subscriber via RSS.

  72. My biggest problem is absolutely no space. I have a big cupboard underneath my stove top but that’s it for pots. I have one cupboard for spices and boxed foods, etc., and one small cupboard next to the pan cupboard for canned goods–and that’s it. No pantry, and just barely enough room for dishes and bowls. So there you go!

  73. This is my comment telling you that I already subscribe to your amazing newsletter–and that I’d like to win one of your amazing prizes. Thanks!

  74. The biggest organizational challenge in our kitchen is all of the “kid stuff.” We have sippy cups, plastic plates, bottles, and plastic cutlery that are different chapes and sizes that don’t seem to fit anywhere.

    I am crossing my fingers. This is a great giveaway!

    Melani’s last blog post…Weekly Wrap-up

  75. My biggest organizational (frustration) challenge in the kitchen, is finding a way to utilize the awkward “way in the back of the cupboard, around a corner, can’t reach it” spaces. The closets and cupboards all over our house are this way – you practically have to climb in to get to the back of the cupboards, teehee! Actually, I’m really glad you asked the questions, because now that you asked, it’s got me thinking – and perhaps a solution is to be found now that the trouble has been clearly identified! Thanks for all the org info.

  76. Herbs & spices, without a doubt is my biggest challenge! I have so many, and I really do use them! (LOL) But, reaching into the cabinets above the stove and trying to find the ones pushed in the back is completely frustrating!

    Diann’s last blog post…Happy Memorial Day!

  77. I also subscribe!

    Diann’s last blog post…Happy Memorial Day!

  78. My biggest kitchen organization challenge is a deep corner cabinet that is difficult to use because it is hard to access the space. I enjoy your website very much.

  79. The biggest challenge in my kitchen right now is that I’m sharing it with my mother-in-law!

  80. I am subscribed via e-mail!

  81. I have to agree with Meliss; my biggest challenge would be that we are sharing it with my mom. If I could get rid of a ton of her things, we’d be set! But in any case, it’s definitely the pans. She has so many skillets, many are the same size and we use maybe 5 of them.

    Whitney’s last blog post…Sunday Suprises

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  83. I also have a challenge storing snack items. My house was built in 1923 and I have very little storage. ugh.

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  85. [...] Original post: Organizing Your Way | Maximizing Your Kitchen Space GIVEAWAY! [...]

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  87. My toughest organizing problem in the kitchen, not to mention everywhere! is deciding that I CAN let go of this or that. I don’t NEED to have (or even use!) everything I have. ::sigh:: I’m working on it :D

  88. and finally….I tweeted!

  89. My biggest challenge: very limited space in my apt, followed closely by my 18MO, who loves to “reorganize” the pantry … by moving its contents onto the floor!

  90. I’m a new subscriber via a RSS feed.

  91. The biggest challenge is the ‘utensils’ drawer. Whisks, beaters, serving spoons…the one I’m looking for always seems to be at the bottom of the drawer!

  92. Figuring out how to organize the tupperware… I just can’t seem to keep it tiddy.

  93. My biggest kitchen organization problem is I never seem to have enough counter space and where to put all the stuff I use everyday. Help

  94. My biggest issue is space. I live in a small apt so my kitchen is small. We’ve had to become creative to make the most of our space but not have it cluttered or hard to find what we need to use.

    Becca’s last blog post…Friday Five: Lessons

  95. I subscribe via google reader – for a few weeks now!

  96. My biggest organization challenge in the kitchen is for the food. We don’t have many upper cabinets or a pantry, so we end up putting everything in the basement on shelves…not very practical.

  97. I have only 2 small countertop spaces in my kitchen and I have no pantry. There is an entire wall without any counters (I do have the microwave cart there), but when the kitchen was renovated, it left a lot to be desired!

  98. I also subscribe via google reader!

  99. Keeping my countertop organized because there isn’t very much storage space and things keep stacking up on the counter. The other problem is keeping the pots and pans in order.

  100. I am subscribed to the email.

  101. My biggest callenge is cupboard space! I love to cook and therefore have a lot equipment. I am constantly trying to reorganize everything so I have more space.

  102. Organizational problem…lack of cabinets/drawers in the first place and then it goes downhill from there.

  103. I subscribe!

  104. My biggest organizational problem is that I do not have enough space to allow for good organization. Does that make sense? ;-)


  105. Biggest organization challenge? Probably finding efficient space(s) for all the storage containers. Most of mine are “disposable” (Gladware and the like) and the lids have a tendency to get lost like socks in the dryer!

    Kate’s last blog post…Cake can be filling (ha ha HA).

  106. I subscribe to OYW through Google Reader. Love seeing new organizational tips every day when I log in!

    Kate’s last blog post…Cake can be filling (ha ha HA).

  107. I have a corner cupboard that is always a disaster!

  108. I also Tweeted about the giveaway!

    Kate’s last blog post…Cake can be filling (ha ha HA).

  109. I lose tons of things in the backs of my very deep cabinets. Therefore, I often have ten jars of garlic powder and and NO onion powder. In fact, to be honest, I am a little scared to go back there.

  110. Right now I would have to say it’s my spices. I know it sounds like a simple fix, but I’ve found no logical way to satsify both me and my husband!

  111. Actually, this morning I have been frustrated with organizing my pots. So this giveaway is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Frugal Femina’s last blog post…Week of Giveaways: $25 at Red Orchid Studio

  112. Our biggest organizational challenge is out recycling. None of our recycling bins match and I can’t store them together, which drives me nuts.

  113. I would have to say that practically everything in my kitchen is hard to organize! I have issues with “left-over” canisters, pots, pans, spices… ugh! This would be great for my new pots though! I could show them off! Thanks so much for the chance!

  114. My biggest organizational challenge in my kitchen is my pantry. I have deep shelves, things are difficult to see in the back.

  115. My biggest challange is getting pepople ot put things back in the right space. I can reorganize my kitchen but after a month with all the children helping it is totaling messed up again.

  116. I’ve got lots of pans and pots, so my biggest challenge is to get them organized and reduce clutter in the kitchen. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  119. My biggest challenge is that I feel like I need more space… I can never get things “just right.”

    Amy’s last blog post…Stellar Savings Saturday!

  120. Email subscriber!

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  121. Here is my tweet (@AmyLNorton):

    Last call for @DoodlesPlace’s giveaway! Ends tonight:

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  122. Hi Mandi, I’ve always seen your link, but never visited until now. So glad I did! Just in time for this great giveaway. Anyways, my biggest problem in my kitchen is keeping things in the same place they were AFTER I use them. I have a really hard time putting things back where they belong, especially cooking or cleaning. I think my overall organization in my kitchen is lacking, or else it wouldn’t be this hard!
    Great giveaway and thank you!

  123. I just signed up via your feeder as well!

    Thanks again,

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