The Time Cost of Our Stuff

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Time Cost of Stuff

source: jek in the box

This week, Marci from Overcoming Busy is celebrating the relaunch of her wonderful blog, and she invited me to participate with a post on The Time Cost of Our Stuff.

You’ve probably thought about the cost of various knickknacks, doodads and gadgets around your home — at least for a minute or two — but have you ever stopped to think about the time cost of these same items?

How much time do you spend moving things? Cleaning them? Thinking about them?

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Hi. My name is Mandi and I’m an organizing junkie. I’m also a wife, and Momma to four little girls (5, 3.5, 2 and a new baby!). I've worked at home since our oldest was a baby, and like a lot of other moms, my life is a constant balancing act of caring for my family and my home, meeting my obligations and finding time for hobbies in there somewhere. Oh, yeah, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m somewhat of a kitchen dunce and I only like to pretend that I’m crafty. Read more here!

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  1. Thanks Mandi for lending your talents!


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